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scott Scott Douglass

"GeneticMail came into being because there was no company in existence which could keep up with my demands for reliable, secure, Internet communications services. If you're like me, receiving thousands of messages a month, spending many hours using instant messaging as a tool for collaboration, and and can't stand insecure, advertising laden services, you will find GeneticMail well worth the small subscription fee."

dave David Nault

sam Sam Douglass

tom Tomas Remotigue

"I started working on this project because I wanted to be involved with something that I would actually use. Other services didn't easily provide the types of features that I used on a daily basis. Now I use GeneticMail for everything. It's great to be part of a team that's technically knowledgable and understands the needs of the demanding user. We ourselves are those users, and we demand the kind of service that is difficult to find."