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GeneticMail provides the most advanced and powerful Internet Communications Services, including:

Awesome E-mail X@

1 gigabyte of message storage
20 megabyte attachment limit
Automatic virus removal
Intelligent junk mail identification
Unlimited server based e-mail filtering
Secure access via IMAP/SMTP + SSL
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Easy Web Publishing X@

1 gigabyte of file storage
Manage web files from your desktop
Secure access via WebDAV + SSL
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Universal Address Book X@

Access from anywhere on the Internet
Integrates with address book applications
Secure access via LDAP + SSL
Import and export
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Secure Instant Messaging X@

Chat with GeneticMail users, and people the world over!
Setup your own multi-user chat rooms
Secure access via Jabber + SSL
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Web Logs X@

Completely Customizable
Publish from Anywhere
Full Featured
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Web Mail X@

Powerful and intuitive
Secured with SSL
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1 GB Web Storage
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"...I switched to GeneticMail and used its powerful filtering to cut down my daily junk deliveries to a trickle... Awesome!"
Ken Colangelo